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Joe Hawkins is an attitude: to be different, to stand out, to move away from the ordinary; an attitude that is reflected in clothing as a means of expression. To be extraordinary through your own style, with a mix between classic and contemporary. Always with attention to detail, and excellent quality.


Joe Hawkins is mainly inspired by the British youth phenomena that invaded England during the 60s, 70s and 80s, and whose axis was the synergy between fashion and music, two inseparable aspects. We aim to offer products that honor this attitude, for those who are not, nor want to be, part of the crowd.

Joe Hawkins' products are made in small quantities, with local materials and of the best quality, also with local manufacture, reflecting our essence and that of our clients.

Harringtons, parkas, camisas, vestidos, polos, Ben Sherman, Fred Perry, Merc London. Moda hombre y mujer
Ropa, moda, camisas para hombre y mujer Joe Hawkins.

We honor the brands that inspired us and continue to do so today. Brands that reflect what our attitude and philosophy are, iconic brands, with an indelible legacy that has transcended decades and that today continue to lead the way. For this reason, we offer our customers Ben Sherman and Merc London products, as well as other younger brands, with our same line of inspiration, such as Ska & Soul and Love Her Madly.


About us?

Joe Hawkins is a family project, which began in 2010 with our interest in offering products that, precisely, were different, because of their style and quality, and not the same ordinary and common products that can be easily found. The project  grew little by little, thanks to the interest and growing support of an audience related to the attitude and inspiration of Joe Hawkins.

In 2014 we went one step further, and we opened our first store in Bogotá, in Chapinero Alto, in a house where Das Haus would later operate, together with Joe Hawkins. In this place we continued to grow, offering our clients Merc London products, mainly, as well as vinyl records from different labels, mainly ska, reggae and soul.

In 2019, we made the decision to renew ourselves and take, not one step, but one leap, changing our image, launching our first clothing line, consisting of shirts and t-shirts for men and women, and moving to our new location, materializing in this place and in our products our attitude and aiming to offer our customers products that differ and stand out for their details and quality.

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